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"Food, Glorious Food!"

       It seems all too perfect that those were the first words Justin ever sang on the stage as a 4th grader, playing a workhouse boy in a local community theatre's production of, "Oliver!"  Originally from Rochester, NY (home of the garbage plate which fostered his love for eating), Justin continued to perform throughout his schooling, eventually leading him to earn his Bachelor of Fine Arts from The State University of New York at Fredonia. 

           During his freshman year of college, Justin was selected as a YoungArts 2014 Finalist in Voice, which included a week in Miami working with professional artists from around the country, as well as performing at the New World Center.  The following three years of college, Justin involved himself in every performance opportunity possible, from musicals, operas, concerts, and student run theatre, with every experience

shaping him into the performer and human he is today.

As a professional, Justin has worked across the country in theme parks and

regional theatres. He currently resides in NYC.

        When not performing, Justin loves painting, traveling, trying new gluten-free foods, collecting vintage

records and hanging with his big orange cat, Taco.

Follow him on instagram @justinburr_

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